Sub-Contractors and Vendors

We also provide a Team Link interaction software that connect the Sub contractors and vendors to your project. You will see daily reports as well as photos and video of the progress. We provide this at no cost to you so you have the freedom to check on the progress from anywhere at any time.

Velvet Pines Developers has the knowledge and experience in working with architects, engineers and design teams which allow your project to run on time and in budget.

We supply our projects with qualified vendors and sub-contractors. They have to fulfill the insurance and licensing standards to work with us. Our Sub-Contractors have to maintain training to stay up to date with latest products and building standards. This allows Velvet Pines Developers to offer skilled professional workers on your project. Our experience has shown, using skilled trained vendors and sub-contractors allows us to to keep a project on time and in budget.


Here are some of our Sub-contractors links to help you with your project.

Abita A/C

Surgi  HVAC

E&E Plumbing

Branch Electric

Take a look at our vendors link to help you with your selections


Pro Source

Pine Grove Electric supplies

Trackable Lead Generation Medical Support

Weeks Mortgage Team


Phone – Bellsouth: 888.757.6500
Electric – CLECO: 800.730.6388
Electric – WST Washington St. Tammany: 985.892.6244
Electric – Entergy: 800.368.3749
Gas – Madisonville Gas: 985.845.7311
Gas – Atmos Gas: 985.892.1321
Southeastern Louisiana Water and Sewer: 985.626.8426
Nees Water Co.: 985.626.5132
Cable – Spectrum: 888.536.2223
Garbage Collections – BFI: 985.871.9574
Waste Management – Waste Management: 985.643.7784